Warranty Policies

Warranty Polices

STUDENT COMPUTERS is responsible to claim IT Products of our clients. Warranty may be claimed within the specified period in case a manufacturing fault appears on the following conditions are applicable:

  1. In case of warranty card is issued to the customer then customer will responsible for direct warranty from Distributor / Supplier / Manufacturer.
  2. No warranty will claim without invoice.
  3. Burnt and damage has no warranty in all sort of conditions.
  4. Warranty products will not return to the customers without Student Computer “Repair Order”.
  5. Warranty is given by the Re seller / Vendor on behalf of the Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and Importer. Hence the re seller / vendor is not a direct party in this regard.  If the product was sold in good working condition then the re seller / vendor is not responsible for any defect which may appear later.
  6. If warranty card is issued  and mentioned on the invoice then the customer should ensure that he receives the warranty card  with the correct serial  number as same along with the invoice, in other case contact with our customer staff.
  7. The Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and Importer reserves the right to reject any warranty claim whereby the original invoice is missing.
  8. It is highly recommended that customers should  check their product before leaving our counter, as warranty begins  once the receipt has been generated. In case of any problem product will be treated  in normal  warranty claim process.
  9. The Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and Importer  reserves the right to reject any warranty claim where by the project / component is submitted in improper condition. Product should be well packed in protective  material supplied while selling.
  10. Computer hardware does not include software support. Information in this regard may be obtained from the manufacturer’s website directly.
  11. Warranty claim may be rejected  where the warranty sticker / serial numbers are torn and tempered with.
  12. The product / component may be replaced for repaired at the discretion of the Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and Importer once the warranty claim is accepted.The duration of return may range from 3 to 6 weeks.
  13. The warranty claim may be accepted  on “conditional” basis if we are not satisfied that the defect is due to a manufacturing fault. Acceptance of warranty claim in this case will depend on the discretion of the Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor. Please note that  this make may take more time than normal.
  14. Keyboards / Mice / Speaker / Head Phones / Accessories carry checking warranty for 2 days only.
  15. Warranty will not be entertained in case of appearance of dot on LCDs / LEDs.
  16. The Manufacturer reserves the right  to alter the warranty terms / conditions. The changes are updated on the Manufacturer / Supplier website.
  17. Power adapters, cables, printer, cartridge / toners and all the additional accessories do not carry any warranty. Warranty claims for the same will not be entertained.
  18. International warranty depicts that the product should be registered with manufacturer  directly and the warranty claim will be handled by the user himself. Instructions of the manufacturers should be followed.
  19. Use hardware carries checking warranty only. Please ensure to check purchased hardware in good  condition before leaving counter.
  20. We accept warranties from Mon – Fri between 11:30 Am – 06:30 Pm.
  21. The Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and the Importer reserve the right to charge certain amount to upgrade the product / component in case the discontinued by Manufacturer. If customer is not willing to upgrade their product from Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor and Importer may return the amount after deduction.


All these Terms & Conditions are as per Karachi Computer Dealers Association Law. And customers has to follow these rules and regulations’.

Due to Dollar fluctuation, prices are subject to change. Please reconfirm price before placing order - بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Dismiss